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book club invite tutorial

I love to read, but reading and two little men under 4 don’t really go together. So I really have to make an effort to take the time to read. It is very relaxing and rejuvinating too. I was able to get in a little summer reading on our “end of summer” vacation. I finished The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Loved, loved, loved The Power of Starting Something Stupid. Will save that for another post though. As soon as I started The Happiness Project I got a little idea in my head to start a book club. And ironically Gretchen also starts a book club early on in the book. The little seed was planted and I tossed the idea around over a couple weeks but didn’t move on it. I wasn’t sure how it would work out. I’ve never been to a book club or hosted a book club. Then one morning I was having coffee with a good friend and I mentioned the book and wanting to start a book club. She lit up and said she has wanted to do one too. So the seed sprouted and we planned on starting our own LITTLE book club. This can be a great addition to a girls night as well. Which leads me to this little book club invitation tutorial. I can hardly call it a tutorial because it was so easy. Pictures taken on my phone so not the highest quality.

I went into Hobby Lobby and got a little carried away. I LOVE Hobby Lobby and pretty much any craft store I can be let loose in. Many items you might already have on hand or can be found on Amazon.

kraft paper envelopes, with string and button (how adorable does that sound)
precut kraft library catalog cards with pockets
fancy pants designs artist edition paper, library catalog card, 4×6
various journaling cards, 2.5×3.5, 3×4 & 4×4 (Smash Pad brand and Hobby Lobby artist trading cards)
white gelly roll pen
letter stencils
mini scrapbooking flags (I die for anything miniature)
washi tape

First Step was to write out my invitation on one of the Artist Edition 4×6 library catalog cards. I then made a few color copies and cut them to size to fit my envelope. This would also be adorable if you had an old typewriter and had the patience to type it out. 🙂

hand written invitation

hand written invitation

string and button envelope

string and button envelope

Next, I divided all the journaling cards into equal piles for each invite. I included about 30 cards per invite. I wanted them to have 2-3 cards per month, assuming this lasts for a year.

I used a couple different washi tape rolls and just casually taped 2 mini flags onto the kraft paper library catalog pocket. This library card is to keep a running list of the books we read each month and doubles as a bookmark.

library card catalog

Probably my favorite part was to use the stencil to draw each girl’s first initial on the right hand corner of the kraft string and button envelope. You can leave the letter empty or color it in with the white Gelly Roll pen. Of course, I chose to color!

letter stenciling

white 'H'

white ‘H’

letter H colored in

The last step is the easy part. I stacked the items in order starting with the kraft library card with flags, then the journaling cards, then the larger 4×6 invite. I like that the recipient will open the envelope and be greeted with the mini flags to announce the invitation.


journal cards

string and button envelope

string and button envelope

's' & 'k'

‘s’ & ‘k’

'm' 'l' & 'c'

‘m’ ‘l’ & ‘c’

all lined up

all lined up

finished invitation and envelopes

Have you ever wanted to start a book club? Maybe you host a book club? Maybe you don’t think you have the time. Either schedule the time, or just pick up a book you’ve been wanting to read and make it happen. Would love to hear all about it in the comments.

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