My laundry room was designed by a man!

We have lived in our house for a little over 3 years. It is a one story ranch, essentially, with a full living lower-level. This is our 3rd home without a coat closet and or a mudroom. I kept thinking we would get one, but they were never there. When you have three kids these rooms become vital for a smooth household. Enter 2015, Lilliana is 5 months old and I’m knee deep in laundry for 3 kiddos. And it’s a lot. Scott and I decided something had to be done in our laundry room to make it more functional. And let’s be honest… it was designed by a man. A man who doesn’t do laundry. No offense, if any males out there are the sole laundry proprietors in their households, and if you are then this makeover will hopefully interest you as well. I hate laundry! It never ends, as soon as I’m caught up it’s piled up again.

Our laundry room is a pretty basic 11’ x 7’ space. One upper cabinet and two lower cabinets with a utility sink, and then our washer & dryer. No space for hanging clothes or storing coats, book bags and shoes. Also, there is a beautiful oval window directly above the washer & dryer.

Before photos:

Laundry room   Laundry Room

Laundry Room         laundry room


Main problems that needed to be addressed:

Need a bar to hang clothes to dry

Spot for book bags, coats and shoes

Extra shelves for storage

Boys clean clothes being stacked up and difficult to access

We had a few options in our minds: put up a bar for hanging clothes to dry and purchase an all in one piece with shelves & hooks & baskets for storage or hire a contractor to build out some custom cabinets to fit the space. Lastly, somewhere in the middle, check out Container Store’s Elfa system and see what they could design for our space.

So, on a Sunday, we headed to Container Store in Kenwood and met with one of their designers, Barbara. In about 20-30 minutes we had a pretty solid design to work with and I was already pretty excited about it. Also, their big Elfa {30% off} sale is going on, so you can’t beat their awesome prices. We took the designs home and stood in our space. We quickly realized a couple of our measurements weren’t incorporated into the design, such as the spacing of our door and window. I called our designer that afternoon and she said she would make the changes and email me the corrected designs. So, by that evening I already had our new design. The next morning we decided to go ahead with our plan and purchase the system and get it installed as soon as possible. I actually got a call from another designer that morning and he walked through our plan and made one more minor change for me. They had an opening for installation on Friday. Friday! Seriously I did not think that you could design the space on Sunday, then purchase and finalize on Monday and get it installed by Friday. Pretty awesome!

Our design included a section of shelves above our sink and a shelf and hanging bar on the other end of that wall. Then the largest part was a tri-section including drawers, shelves, coat hooks and gliding shoe shelves. Lastly, a track for a few more hooks behind the door.

The design:
laundry design Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 8.55.40 PM

Friday, the installation began. The gentleman who came to install the Elfa system was very nice and efficient. He had our space done in about 2 hours… amazing!

Here are a few shots during the install:

laundry room     laundry room

When he left I was practically jumping for joy! So excited and ready to get organized! I mean this was a dream and I couldn’t believe it took 3 years and a 3rd child to make us realize this space was horribly lacking in functionality. We are still in the process of organizing, but I am already loving the dedicated spaces for dirty laundry, coats and shoes.

The reveal:

laundry room  laundry room  laundry room

After the install we decided to lower the hanging bar and to add a second shelf above it. Saturday and Sunday we were back at Container store buying bins and baskets for the shelves. Our designer, Barbara was there and she remembered us and asked how we liked everything, such great customer service! We also got to use a coupon for joining their POP! program. I can’t say enough about how great this process was. Not often do you see a project completed in the span of a week. Our January goals are off to a great start and I hope to keep the momentum going.

To Sunday, Salute!



{photos via iphone6}

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